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Have you lost sleep at night over your IRS tax issues?  Do you dread picking up your mail or answering the phone?  If the answer is yes, then take the first step and call us for a free consultation.  We deal with the IRS everyday.  We are not afraid of them and we will stand up for your rights as a taxpayer.  This is our job and we enjoy doing it, so call us and let us do our job. 

Westlake Village, California

Kash gave us just what he promised... peace of mind!  My wife and I didn't  have the funds to pay what we owed the IRS ad it made for many sleepless nights.  Kash arranged an installment payment plan we can afford.  It all seems so simple now.  I wish we had called him sooner!

Thousand Oaks, California

I made a mistake on my tax return and understated my income.  The IRS sent me an audit notice and I was sure I was in big trouble.  Kash went over all my paperwork and discovered that I had deductions I hadn't taken.  You really have to know the laws and he certainly does.  I didn't even have to go to the IRS because Kash represented me completely.  

Woodland Hills, California

I did not pay payroll taxes on my contracting business because of cash flow problems.  When my wife found out, she wanted to divorce me.  Kash took the case, and he not only helped me through things with the IRS, but he saved my marriage!

Camarillo, California

Fear of the IRS paralyzed me!  I did not file taxes for years until they levied my bank account.  I was embarrassed to see Kash but he put me at ease right away.  I'm not saying it was fun, but at least he made it painless.

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