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Kash Chandani started an accounting practice in Southern California  37 years ago after working for the IRS.  His wealth of experience led him to assisting his clients and their friends in resolving their IRS and State Tax issues.  His team consists of skilled CPA’s and Enrolled Agents and a dedicated support staff who are willing to go above and beyond for their clients.  They are highly proficient at navigating the maze of regulations, protocols and laws of the IRS and State Tax Agencies and extremely motivated towards negotiating settlements on behalf of their clients.    


Many people attempt to handle their tax issues with the IRS on their own or often choose to ignore it.  Every day we encounter clients with stacks of unopened IRS notices who are now fearful for their future and what the IRS might do to them.  From our vast experience we know that dealing with the IRS on your own can be an exhausting and often useless process and waiting only makes matters worse. 

Kash Chandani & Co. encourages our clients to do themselves a huge favor by exercising their right to have expert representation when being harassed by the IRS or a State Taxing Agencies.   Along with years of experience, our licensed professionals meet all educational and examination requirements prescribed by the governing bodies.  We are uniquely qualified to handle all manner of IRS problems and to provide solutions according to each clients’ particular situation. 

Do you have nightmares about the IRS knocking on your door or worse levying your accounts or garnishing your wage?  If the IRS is breathing down your neck for unpaid taxes and you have unfiled returns or are facing an audit, we can help!  Don’t wait for them to literally stick their hand in your pocket and levy your accounts.  Take the first step towards resolving your issues and meet with Kash for a free consultation.


  • We are dedicated to providing you with the highest standard of service

  • We will keep you updated on our progress

  • We actually enjoy negotiating with the IRS on your behalf

  • We are proud of the job we do and anticipate success



Our team can help you file old tax returns, reduce back taxes and find tax relief.  Call us today on (800) LESS-4-IRS (800) 537-7447 for a free consultation.